(In no particular order; and if you’ve been omitted please use ‘Contact‘ to let us know)

Ian Jackson – for website-building expertise, patience beyond endurance, and (web) life-saving advice.
Richard Coulthard – for caring about the music, and countless instances of help, well beyond the call of duty.
Andy Maslivec – for being there, for helping me with YouTube, and having a computer that works.
‘Dusty’ Paul – for his help with design, logos, and knowledge of web-building.
Captured Tracks – for showing such an interest in the music after a long time, and for continuing support.
Dave Kitson – for believing in us in the first place and making a superhuman effort to promote us.
Kevin Pickstock – for taking such an interest in the early work, and promoting and supporting it.
Guy and Andrew Lovelady – for taking a chance on the GRM solo material.
Frank Sparks – for wonderful inventiveness, and a ‘can-do’ attitude to production.

Photography. journalism

Tim Gudgeon (A Formal Sigh)
Steve Best (A Formal Sigh)
Guy Grundy (Shiny Two Shiny)
David Corio (Shiny Two Shiny)
Phillippe Carly (Shiny Two Shiny)
Sean Halligan (Gayna Rose Madder)
David Hynes (Gayna Rose Madder)
Roger Sinek (Gayna Rose Madder)
Penny Kiley – for always being supportive, interested and constructive.