>>2013 – History

Fate intervenes

‘Housebusters’ led to a quite sudden and unintended change of direction toward psychic and astrological work.

Gayna suddenly found herself with multiple offers of work in these fields; some in media work such as TV, some in private work. She was offered several articles in national newspapers, which included what turned out to be some spectacularly accurate predictions involving celebrities (eg Kate Middleton, Heather Mills), and other publications including some of the ‘pink-tops’.

She worked for a local BBC station for several years as a psychic, doing live readings on air, during this period, as well as for a new subsidiary of a commercial radio station, co-hosting part of the Margi Clarke show.

Up to 2012 she wrote astrological columns for various publications, including Ryanair’s in-flight magazine, Good living magazine, and Lifestyle magazine, as well as doing the horoscopes for many years for UK Psychics, a major website for esoteric matters.

Although she was very successful in this work, throughout this period, her heart remained in music.


But she is also a writer and this period produced a series of published reviews, mainly though not exclusively of art exhibitions and musical events, in print and on cultural websites, including Lifestyle magazine, Nerve, Art in Liverpool, Seven Streets and Liverpool Confidential. She also wrote articles for national newspapers, and copy-wrote for local galleries and venues.


Gayna was asked to put on one exhibition of local artists and this led to her staging a long series of such shows in local town centre venues. However this was highly time-consuming and with some regret she stopped.

Back to music

A ‘Wave Klassix’ CD, 2009 featured tracks by ‘A Formal Sigh’ and ‘Shiny Two Shiny’ in prominent positions.

During this time she collaborated on many musical projects, and had tracks released on compilations including a specially recorded version of ‘To Sir, with love’ in 2011; music recorded in Brazil, vocals in Liverpool!

Also in 2011 an earlier collaboration with Belgian chartsters ‘Parade Ground’ saw a re-release on a compilation¬† of ‘hits’ of a track, ‘Took advantage’, recorded back in 1984 with Colin Newman (‘Wire’) producing.

Captured Tracks

Excitingly, in early 2013 she was approached by the New York label ‘Captured Tracks’ about producing a re-worked release of the existing ‘Shiny Two Shiny’ tracks. This eventually resulted in the release of ‘When the rain stops’, a compilation of twelve Shiny Two Shiny recordings, including live, in three formats: 12″ vinyl album, CD album, and downloads.


Also this year she began working with artist and guitarist John Chatterton, covering everything from classic soul and jazz songs to medieval plainsong (put into harmony!) and original material. They have played at several art galleries as well as local events and openings.