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Danger! Vacuum

In April 2002 the second play ‘Danger! Vacuum’, was previewed at the Williamson Art Gallery, Merseyside, and in September 2002 the full length version of this, intended as the second part of a trilogy, complete with original film, video, visual art pieces  and music, was shown at the Pacific Road Theatre, Merseyside. This featured renowned jazz singer SuEyo in the lead with support from famed guitarist Neil Campbell.

The publicity read: “Finding out it is her own feet that have kept her on the ground throughout her funny, spiritual and occasionally sad personal journey is a surprising, cathartic experience for Eve, a woman who has always believed she was dependent on others. Her new enlightened perspective is given voice by Michael, an angelic figure whose thoughts, as her conscience and guide, are not always welcome.

Danger! Vacuum is a brand new multi media musical play featuring original songs, poetry, music and script, starring SuEyo as Eve and Neil Campbell as Michael. With many references to current cultural icons, the performance features original photographs, drawings, cartoons, installations, film and other visual imagery by artists including Steve Best, Sarah Nicholson and Bob Wass.”


The band ‘Cant’ was in existence since  from Summer 2003 to late 2005.. The original line-up was assembled by Andy Maslivec (bass) who teamed up with singer/ songwriter Gayna to perform live versions of her original material. Andy asked fellow former member of Liverpool band ‘Lady McCrady’ , Ed Tidy, to join on guitar.

The line-up was completed by classical pianist Bruce Gibson on keyboards. ‘Cant’ recorded a 4-track EP in January 2004, shortly before Ed Tidy left to pursue other interests. They played live as a three-piece (with laptop, programmed by Andy,  as percussion) at The Everyman, Liverpool, in June 2004.

Bruce Gibson then found himself in a situation where spending much of his time away from Liverpool meant it became unfeasible for him to continue playing with the band. His place was eventually taken by guitarist Tom Dean. However due to personal circumstances he then also had to withdraw and the band folded.

Marc and Gayna

In 2004, Gayna also began working with talented guitarist Marc Waddington, developing sets to perform in different musical genres. They performed a concert featuring all known songs by Bacharach and David, again at the Everyman Theatre, which played to a packed and appreciative house; feedback on all live performances that year was  encouraging. Marc and Gayna were sought out to play at several restaurants, and booked for other events. They recorded a CD EP, ‘Marc and Gayna: Six songs’ in early 2005, which attracted further work.

However, later that year Marc left Liverpool for work reasons so this project was discontinued.

The CD releases

In 2005 Gayna took on the gargantuan task of digitally remastering all the material she had recorded, solo or in collaboration, and assembling CDs to be made available for limited sale at cost price, with the permission of those involved where necessary, just so that the tracks were ‘out there’: six 12-track CDs, two 4-track EPs.

Also at this time a compilation by different acts involving her, ‘Twelve tracks’ was released via Bubbyworld.

Other worlds

Also in 2004, Gayna was offered an audition for the Channel 5 series ‘Housebusters’, as an expert (professional psychic and astrologer, two less publicised aspects of her work which were nevertheless long standing).

She got the job, appearing in several episodes of that as well as ‘The Russell Grant Show’ on Sky One. Though originally shown in 2005, ‘Housebusters’ has been repeated ever since, at ungodly hours, on Channel Five.