>>1995 – History

Gayna in London

Gayna moved from Liverpool to London in 1990.

Original music

Throughout the early 1990s, after her move, Gayna temporarily gave up performing or releasing her own music to the public. (The exception to this was that in 1991 Gayna returned to Liverpool to perform in the penultimate ‘Earthbeat International Music Festival’, as it turned out to be, in August 1991 in Sefton Park, Liverpool. This marked her first public solo appearance, performing five original songs and arrangements to specially recorded backing tracks.)


Instead she took a full time course in music to improve her keyboard, vocal and sight-reading skills, as well as taking language and computerised design courses and a City University diploma in freelance journalism. She began also studying classical singing with a private tutor, which was to continue for many years.


After a seasonal singing job in Majorca at the end of the academic year, she augmented her living by using these skills, notably by teaching singing at the world-famous ‘Brit School’ and other well known London colleges and stage schools. It was also during this time she started having articles published, in national magazines and papers, writing regularly also for ‘Mensa’ magazine.


She set up a company, ‘Light on Music’, in 1992 which staged music and entertainment events in the capital, securing contracts with some large organisation.


Gayna returned to DJ-ing after some years absence. This was mainly for private clients, although she did set up some evnts on behalf of clients at which she also worked as a DJ.

Cover versions

As one of an all-girl, 3-piece spoof 60s group, ‘The Blonde Supremes’ she played at some corporate and other ‘gigs’ around town. She joined forces with an eight-piece jazz band and began performing standards with them in London venues, while continuing to undertake classical training with a personal tutor.

Widening the scope

During this time Gayna continued to produce music, re-working new versions of earlier songs with colleagues; performing at various shows when requested to, often singing jazz as she was by this time working with two bands; and helping to orchestrate, as well as perform in, various shows put on by colleges and organisations.